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Don’t you hate it when you get up in the morning and just have this lousy feeling of not wanting to do anything? Morning drowsiness can be such a bummer, don’t you think? It’s as if the cosmos is conspiring against you, and your bed appears to be the most tempting spot on the planet. But don’t worry, my fellow Renegades, because I’ve got some advice – my 5 tips to get you going in your day – that will shake you out of your funk (does anyone say that anymore?) and set you on a dynamic course for the day ahead.

It may seem like common sense, however many of us do not do what we should do in the morning. It’s more of a rush, perhaps eat breakfast, get the kids ready, etc. But if we start incorporating morning routines (eventually rituals) into the start of the day, just see what happens. These are things I ingrain into my day to day.

1. Set The Alarm Right

Make sure you set the right time. Keep it consistent during the work week and on weekends. If you plan to get up at 06:00am, than get up at 06:00am consistently Monday through Friday and 08:00am on Weekends. Your biological clock will adjust no matter how hard it is to begin with. Don’t swag between various times – “Ill get up an hour earlier for work” or “Ill sleep another 30min”. Once the damn thing rings, than get up to turn it off. Make sure you do not have it next to you. Your typical turn around and slap it to snooze is the worst way to start the day. Put it towards your feet so that you need to sit up to turn it off or actually slowly get up (let your system kick in before going dizzy, blood needs to circulate so do not just jump out of bed).

If you can – put on a tune. Personally, I rotate through a playlist of upbeat songs on a monthly basis to keep the morning ritual fresh and invigorating. The beauty of modern technology (and this is where I would give it a thumbs up) comes into play here. Smartphones are nifty tools, but if you want to elevate your morning game, consider a dockable alarm clock. Not only do they offer a range of delightful sounds, but they also grant you the tactile satisfaction of physically docking your device.

So there you have it, my fellow Renegade of the morning routine. Set your alarm clock sensibly, stick to it, resist the need to snooze, and allow the sounds of a new day inspire your rising. Get up and shine, because the world is yours to conquer!

That is tip 1.

2. Grab Your Liquids

Essential. Logical. Your body needs fluid to kick start the day. Head to the kitchen before heading to the bathroom. Grab a cold glass of water or an electrolyte drink if your getting up from a previous days workout. Then head to the bathroom. It makes a difference.

My relationship with coffee has been an unusual one, to say the least. For the longest time, I was a fervent supporter of a coffee-free lifestyle. The mere thought of it made me shudder, possibly due to prevalent misconceptions or tales of over-caffeinated souls. However, in recent months, I’ve discovered a revelation: the world of freshly ground coffee.

But there was a catch to this newfound appreciation. I still abstain from this amazingly scented elixir throughout most days of the week, but my weekends have undergone a lovely makeover. The early morning sun throwing a lovely glow, a nearby bakery promising a warm croissant, and my trusty pad in hand. It’s become a treasured routine for me, a wonderful blend of caffeine, culinary joy, and textual inquiry in the midst of the morning air.

Now, if you, like me, decide to take the caffeine route, I beg you to proceed with caution. The key word here is moderation. I’ve learned that the genuine essence of coffee is found in the journey from bean to cup. However, that journey is what is essential. Most adults will grab their cup of coffee first thing. However, you don’t need it. Let your body wake up and get going. Get into the routine of doing that.  I get that the best time to consume coffee in the morning varies depending on personal tastes and caffeine sensitivities. First off though, you need to understand your circadian rhythm. When you should consume your morning coffee is really determined by your body’s inherent circadian rhythm. Cortisol levels, which help you wake up, are highest for many people between 8 and 9 a.m. (I’m making the assumption you get up before that). Waiting until your cortisol levels begin to naturally decline before drinking coffee may be more effective. On top of that consistency plays a vital role. This helps to manage your body’s response to caffeine and can help prevent over-stimulation or caffeine dependence. Everyone’s tolerance to caffeine varies. Ultimately, my tip here is grab a glass of water first, no matter if you want it or not. Chug it down. Maybe add a little bit of fresh-squeezed lemon and/or a drop of honey. Alternatively in the winter, make a cup of tea to cool down while getting dressed.

Then grab your caffeine dose on the way to work or an hour or so after having been up and about.

3. Be Calm & Do Something For The Brain

One thing I have learned over the years is that it’s critical to build out a sanctuary of calm before plunging headlong into the craziness of your painstakingly planned or wonderfully unplanned day in the frenzied rush that life frequently becomes. It only takes 15 minutes to provide your brain with the nutrition it requires.

Consider this your daily intellectual stimulation rendezvous. Why not begin on a linguistic adventure by learning a few new words in a language you’ve always wanted to learn? It’s an enticing mental workout that not only broadens your vocabulary but also introduces you to various cultures and ways of thinking. Alternatively, immerse yourself in the exciting realm of puzzles, such as a crossword, Sudoku, or a mind-bending jigsaw. These mysterious challenges stimulate your cognitive processes and fire up the synapses, laying the groundwork for a day of mental agility.

Pick up a book that appeals to folks who enjoy literary adventures. Immerse yourself in its pages, allowing the words to weave their magic and allowing your thoughts to roam to faraway regions or explore profound themes. It’s a timeless getaway, far more enriching than a TV screen’s constant drone.

Avoid the temptation to stare aimlessly at a wall or to reach for fast fixes like chocolate cake or cold pizza. Your brain deserves better, and you’re about to give it exactly that.

After your brain has had its morning snack, grab your calendar and plot your course for the day ahead if you have not done so. Review it. What do you hope to achieve? What objectives and tasks await your completion? This conscious act of preparation serves as your guidepost, ensuring that your valuable time does not slip through your fingers unnoticed. After all, the goal is to end the day with a sense of accomplishment rather than the nagging sorrow of spent hours. So, before you plunge into the symphony of your daily routine, spend 15 minutes cultivating your mind and setting your aspirations. I use to have solid routines, however, mix it up between reading, working out, and meditating.

Your day will appreciate it, as will your future self. Trust me.

4. Music. Music. Music.

My dear Renegades, music is that constant companion that keeps the beat of life alive and kicking (see point 1 above). It’s more than simply music; it’s the pulse that propels you through the fabric of your daily existence. Music has an unusual ability to infuse movement into every experience, from the everyday to the exceptional.

Consider the practice of cleaning. The notion of cleaning up may not always induce ecstasy, but with the perfect soundtrack, even the most mundane activities can be transformed into a ballet of domestic conquering. Sounds so catchy when I write it like that. A catchy tune and the washing of surfaces or the clever arrangement of furniture create a lovely synergy. 🙂

The power of music is nothing short of magical in fitness and sports as well. It’s the hidden elixir that transforms the monotony of physical activity into an ecstatic symphony of strength and stamina. Your heart beats in time with each beat, as the treadmill transforms into a dance floor, and the weights into percussion instruments. I know I always have my headphones in when I get going.

However, for the sake of this article, music does not only exist in the domains of work and toil. It’s also your dependable leisure companion. Music sets the emotional tone whether you’re lying about, enjoying in the warm glow of a lazy afternoon, or having a lively conversation with friends. It has the power to make you nostalgic, to raise your spirits to the heights, or to softly cradle you in meditation. It’s an emotional conductor, smoothly weaving songs into the fabric of your mood.

Now to kick start your morning, it really comes down to your personal preference. We have our mornings automated through (un)fortunately, a Google Home device in the kitchen. After my morning routine and everyone getting up, then it will play classical or coffee house style music – relaxed and calm. If there are times we need an extra boost of energy, then once everyone is more or less getting ready to go,we play the 90’s mixtape. Our kids love the infectious rhythms of tunes like “pump up the jam.” It’s more than just music; it’s also a time machine for my wife and I that brings us back to our carefree childhood, when flannel shirts and baggy trousers were the norm.

So, remember this, my Renegades: music isn’t simply a passive backdrop to your existence; it’s the very essence of movement, both physical and emotional. Let music be your trusty companion, your co-conspirator in the big symphony of existence, whether you’re cleaning, working out, or simply hanging out with friends, but especially in the mornings when life gets going.

5. Think Positive. Stay Positive.

Ah, the start of Friday evening, indicator of the approaching weekend, comes a strange reflection. It’s a sentiment I’ve often considered and found regrettable. It’s all too usual for us to approach life with the mindset of anxiously anticipating the weekend while resenting the five days leading up to it – because of work.

Every now and then, I run across a Twitter (X) post from an old friend that sometimes proclaims, “Thank God It’s Monday!” I couldn’t help but nod in agreement. After all, isn’t it odd that we look forward to two out of every seven days of the week? What about the remaining five? What happens to those valuable hours, which are frequently spent moaning and regretting the early mornings? But here’s the thing: those five days aren’t just a fragment of existence; they’re a significant part of your life’s fabric. They are the canvas on which you paint your dreams, pay your dues, and earn your living. They are what make the weekends so delicious and gratifying. So, when your alarm clock goes off in the early hours of the morning, don’t regard it as an annoyance; instead, consider it as an opportunity.

Rise to the occasion and welcome those five days with open arms. They pay the bills, sure, but they also provide something more profound: the opportunity to accomplish, create, and contribute. Whether at work, with friends, with family, or in cherished moments of “me-time,” use every opportunity to paint your dreams on a canvas.

The mantra here is straightforward: do, do, do. Think positively, stay optimistic, and show the world that you’re not just a bystander in life, but an active player. After all, no one wants to hang around with a persistent grump or a professional complainer. So, when you go on those five days, keep in mind that they aren’t merely a break between weekends; they are an essential part of your journey. Embrace, conquer, and cherish them, since they offer the promise of fulfillment and the possibility of great moments.

That really is it. Plain and simple, no rocket science here. My 5 tips to get you going in your day. Now it’s up to you.

Make it happen.