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In the fast-paced world we navigate each day, the quest for focus and clarity can sometimes feel like a distant mirage. However, amidst the chaos, there’s a gem of wisdom that can transform our experience – mindfulness. Something that took me years to understand in its entirety. This powerful practice not only brings us into the present moment but also enhances our cognitive abilities, allowing us to achieve unparalleled levels of focus and joy. Let’s look at how my journey to mindfulness can help you explore how mindfulness can be your guiding light to radiant clarity.

The Mindfulness Pathway to Enhanced Focus

In the bustling symphony of life, it’s easy to lose ourselves in the din of past regrets or future worries. Who doesn’t? We have that cinema run through our minds about situations that have already passed. Things we would or have said differently, or we worry about how this or that will affect our future selves and situation. However, mindfulness, like a gentle compass, steers us away from these distractions and anchors us in the present moment (so important!). As you learn to immerse yourself in the now, notice how your thoughts become harmonious (as odd as that may sound), like a soothing melody that doesn’t drown out your inner voice but amplifies it. The magic of mindfulness lies in its simplicity – it’s a return to what’s true and real. By engaging your senses, you’re making a conscious choice to fully experience life as it unfolds.

When you sit in mindfulness, you’re not merely sitting; you’re illuminating your mind’s eye. I know that sounds all hocus pocus style, but as humans we grow and as we experience and learn, we adapt and understand. That at least was my journey. Imagine your thoughts as stars in the night sky, sometimes clustered, sometimes scattered. Through mindfulness, you become the astronomer of your mind, observing the constellations without judgment. This keen awareness doesn’t just end with meditation; it trickles into your daily tasks. With this heightened attention, your focus sharpens, like a camera lens adjusting to capture the finer details. Whether you’re working on a project, engaging in a conversation, or savoring a meal, your mind’s eye becomes a beacon of unwavering focus. (and if you really want to dive into a rabbit hole on this topic, then begin researching the relevance of the cone and symbolism in masonry). Again, we are focusing on science based facts and how research helps us understand ourselves and our minds better and that is what I want to divulge.

The Glorious Tapestry of Clarity

Life is a kaleidoscope of emotions – from the soothing blues of calm to the vibrant reds of passion, and the muted greys of contemplation to the golden yellows of happiness (as visual as I can portray). In the journey towards focus and clarity, it’s crucial to not only embrace these emotions but to ride their waves with a sense of grace and understanding.

Imagine you’re standing on the shore of a vast ocean, and each emotion is a wave that rolls in. Mindfulness invites you to step into the water, to feel the ebb and flow of each emotional tide without resistance. When sadness washes over you, you don’t fight it; you acknowledge it as a valid visitor in the landscape of your heart. Similarly, when joy sweeps through, you don’t cling to it; you let it dance and then recede. This is the essence of riding the waves of emotions – being present and receptive to whatever emotion arises, without judgment. When you reach that level of clarity, the focus sweeps in.

The practice of riding emotional waves is akin to becoming a skilled surfer. Just as a surfer anticipates the rise and fall of waves, you learn to anticipate the shifts in your emotional landscape. With mindfulness, you become attuned to the subtle ripples of emotion, which allows you to respond rather than react. When faced with a challenging emotion, you can pause, take a deep breath, and acknowledge its presence. This pause creates a space for you to choose your response, rather than being swept away by the intensity of the feeling.

Riding emotional waves doesn’t mean suppressing or denying emotions (I’ve talked about that here and here); it means acknowledging them with kindness. Imagine you’re holding a delicate butterfly in your palm – that’s how you hold your emotions in the landscape of mindfulness. By doing so, you develop emotional resilience – a key factor in maintaining focus and clarity. When you’re not entangled in the tumultuous waves of emotion, your mind becomes a serene pool, reflecting the world with pristine clarity. I’ve for the most part in life, especially in business – have been like that. I sit, watch, observe, soak in and then make my moves. Not something everyone understands or likes. I am clam. I run towards fires and not only put them out. I fix the root cause. Because I am in control. I want you to embrace the same, because as you embrace this practice, you’ll find that even challenging emotions have their own beauty. Anger can be a force for change, for example motivating you to stand up for what you believe in. Sadness can be a wellspring of empathy, connecting you to the pain of others. With mindfulness, you become an alchemist, transforming the raw material of emotions into the gold of wisdom and growth. Riding the waves of emotions doesn’t just lead to clarity; it enriches the tapestry of your life with depth, texture, and authenticity. (And an interesting movie to watch with your kids is “Inside Out” which covers the topics of feelings, fairly well for a younger audience).


A repetitive practice, everyday, all the time. Be in the present.

Elevating Everyday Activities

Mindfulness isn’t limited to moments of quiet meditation; it extends its gentle touch to the canvas of everyday activities. Imagine you’re in the kitchen, slicing a ripe mango. With mindfulness, this simple act transforms into a symphony of sensations. The knife glides through the flesh of the mango, the sweet aroma fills the air, and the vibrant color captures your attention. This ordinary act becomes extraordinary as you infuse it with your full presence. Does that makes sense? So many of us take this for granted and many of you reading this will say, “I do the same”. I smell the strawberries. Yeah, but your not fully present and mindful most of the time. It goes far beyond taking a deep whiff of those strawberries and saying how beautiful they smell. This is within your minds eye.

Have you ever observed how a child approaches the world? I watch my children very closely, very frequently especially as they slowly begin getting older. However, many things to them are still new and fascinating. Mindfulness invites you to cultivate the curiosity of a child in your daily life. When you take a mindful walk, each step becomes an exploration of sensation – the pressure of your foot on the ground, the rhythm of your breath, the sights and sounds around you. By approaching your surroundings with fresh eyes, you break free from the autopilot mode that often clouds your focus. Because we adults are conditioned by adults to become that way.

Mindfulness, when woven into your daily routine, acts as a spotlight that illuminates the richness of your experiences. Whether you’re sipping your morning tea or engaging in a conversation, you’re fully present (and I can tell you stories upon stories especially in the business environment with everyone fiddling on their phones and half ass attention spans). This focused engagement not only enhances your experience but also fuels your connection with others. Imagine looking into someone’s eyes during a conversation, truly listening to their words, and responding with intention (regardless of who you may think they are or what you hold of them). With mindfulness, your interactions become more meaningful, and your relationships deepen.

So, as you journey through your day, remember that every activity, no matter how ordinary, can be an opportunity for mindfulness. Whether you’re typing an email, washing dishes, or taking a walk, invite yourself to be fully present. Feel the sensation of your fingers on the keyboard, notice the texture of the soap as it lathers, savor the rhythm of your steps. These moments of mindfulness not only heighten your focus but also infuse your life with a sense of wonder and joy.

Cultivating a Mindfulness Lifestyle

Radiant clarity isn’t a one-time achievement; it’s a way of life. It has taken me years to understand. As you bask in the glow of mindfulness, consider integrating it into your routines. This is how my days typically begin – a mindful morning ritual. As you wake, take a few moments to lie still and feel the sensation of your breath filling your body. Gradually, let your awareness spread to your fingers and toes, awakening every corner of your being. As you rise, carry this sense of presence into your morning activities. While brushing your teeth, relish the cool touch of the toothpaste and the sound of the bristles against your teeth. While preparing breakfast, let the aroma of your coffee or the vibrancy of your fruits captivate your senses. This isn’t about taking all the time in the world to do things. Sometimes we need to move with haste, however, this mindful symphony sets the tone for your day, infusing it with intention and focus. Rather than rushing through your morning routine on autopilot (that is a difference), you’re an active participant in the magic of each moment. Your mind awakens alongside your body, and as you step out into the world, you’re equipped with the gift of presence – a powerful tool for navigating the day ahead.

Being in the here and now is something not many people fully understand in its true essence. Unless perhaps you are a Buddhist monk. I believe that our bodies are vessels of experience, and mindful movement is a celebration of their capabilities. Whether it’s yoga, stretching, walking, or dancing, these moments of intentional physicality allow you to connect deeply with your body. Imagine each stretch as an expression of gratitude for the intricate machinery that carries you through life. As you inhale and exhale with purpose, you synchronize your breath with your movements, creating a seamless dance of energy.

In these moments, you’re not just engaging your muscles; you’re engaging your spirit. The act of moving with mindfulness becomes a bridge between the physical and the spiritual, a union that brings about holistic well-being. As your body strengthens, your mind aligns, and you find that the clarity you seek isn’t separate from your physical self – it’s an intrinsic part of your being. I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty of this, but I do want you to realize that there is incredible power within the mind of here and now.

In the whirlwind of a busy day, the concept of mindfulness might seem distant. I know for me, in the past, they have. Yet, amidst the chaos, you can create pockets of stillness – mindful pauses that anchor you in the present. Imagine these pauses as gentle reminders that you have the power to regain your focus and clarity, no matter how frenzied the world around you becomes. (A project I am currently working on is actually creating something related to this – more on that later).

However, if you are in the corporate world – pause before a meeting, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Let go of the mental chatter and simply feel the rise and fall of your breath. Inhale clarity, exhale distractions. Pause before responding to an email or a text message. Allow yourself a moment to read the words and consider your reply with intention. By incorporating mindful pauses, you infuse your day with mini-oases of calm, each one reinvigorating your focus and rekindling your connection with the present moment.

Then as the day comes to a close and work is done, family life comes to an end each day, reflect. Take a few moments to sit in reflection and look back on the tapestry of your day, tracing the threads of experiences, emotions, and interactions. Recognize the moments of clarity – the times when you were fully present, engaged, and in tune with yourself and the world around you.


In today’s post I wanted to bring this a bit closer to you. Seek out the present and as you tread the path of mindfulness, remember that you are embracing the brilliance within you. By being present, you infuse each moment with focus and clarity. By riding the waves of emotions, you weave a joyful tapestry of experiences. By nurturing your radiant clarity, you craft a life that resonates with purpose and fulfillment. With mindfulness as your guiding star, you embark on a journey of self-discovery that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. This is not some hocus pocus stuff, nor is it a theoretical spiritual way of life. This is plain, simple mindful science. Learn to embrace it, learn to be here. Learn to appreciate. Learn to accept failures. Learn to use your minds eye.