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I Write, You Read.

When it comes to this website, I am an independent writer. That means I am not under any contract or obligation to answer to anyone – but myself. Life is beautiful and hence, I don’t have to (nor do I have the need) to plead for exposure. That is why I also don’t do a massive amount of social media. I’m immune to cancellations, censorship, and intimidation, allowing me to express essential viewpoints.

I’m incredibly fortunate to find myself in this situation, and it’s not coincidental. I don’t come from a wealthy family, nor was I ever involved in dubious activities peddling Lamborghini’s.

So I thought to myself, why not create a place where I can share more awesome content that enhances your life and in return you contribute a small amount because your incredible and appreciate quality.

However, this isn’t a plea for donations. I don’t think writers (or creators) should beg for funds. If you back me and my work, you should receive something valuable in exchange. I’ve curated an abundance of remarkable content for those willing to contribute the equivalent of a monthly fast food meal. In fact, what you get is far more valuable than what you pay.

That being said I’ve got you – my readers. Individuals who appreciate what I do and are willing to support me in continuing my work.

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Anything else that may develop over time. Sounds cool, right?

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