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Today is a day I’ve been looking forward to, a day that I can now share with you a project (idea) that has been simmering in the depths of my thoughts and at the heart of my passion for quite some time, revolving around this website. If you have been following my personal site over the last years, you’ll know there have been a few iterations, changes, and what not. There have been times where I posted frequently and times where I have posted less, however, I recently made a commitment to myself to make writing and the material available on this website a core of what I do.

Hence, I am delighted to announce the Renegade Program, a premium subscription service that provides access to a world of deep insights on mindset coaching, financial training, and other topics. In this article, I’ll take you on a personal trip through the Renegade Program’s conception and vision, giving you a taste of what it has to offer and how it can empower you to alter your life.

The Birth of the Renegade Program

In the field of personal and professional development, there is often a turning point when a driven people understands they have a mission bigger than themselves. That moment came for me after many people both friends, family and acquaintances mentioned the same, hence, I asked myself a question that led to the establishment of the Renegade Program: “How can I empower others to achieve their full potential?”

From this initial question to the creation of the Renegade Program, the road was packed with excitement, tenacity, and a burning desire to make a real difference in the lives of individuals all around the internet. I have had the opportunity to mentor and coach individuals day in and day out, even to this day, however, to me it was also about spreading the experiences, know how, thoughts and just things in general that made me want to commit to creating the Renegade Program here on

During a period of reflection and introspection, the seed for the Renegade Program was planted. As someone who is passionately committed to personal development and is enthusiastic about sharing this information, I sensed an increasing desire to do more – and to write more, even if it was time consuming. I was confident that I possessed the insights, experiences, and techniques that would assist others in breaking free from limiting beliefs, navigating the difficulties of personal finance, and embarking on a journey of self-discovery.

The spark of inspiration came from seeing that the knowledge I had collected through the years, via both achievements and disappointments, had the potential to change people’s lives. I was doing it anyhow. So why not fully commit to my own site again, just like in 2005. This conviction drove my drive to rebuild this website as a platform where anyone could gain access to what I condsider vital insights.

The Vision Takes Shape

With the seeds of inspiration planted firmly, I began to shape the vision for the Renegade Program. I imagined a space where like-minded people could come together to learn, grow, and encourage one another on their paths to success.I can’t stand social media per se, albeit having tried most of it, just to be on par with the times. I still use Twitter, but that is about it. I know there are several ways to do this, like a newsletter or through substack or publishing on LinkedIn. But I just wanted to get back to my roots and build the HK brand again.

To me, it was critical that this program take a comprehensive approach to human growth, addressing not just one component but multiple essential ones such as attitude mastery and financial empowerment. I also saw the significance of forming a tribe of Renegades who shared the common objective of redefining success on their own terms. The curriculum would incorporate a sense of belonging and support.

Turning Vision into Reality

It took a lot of effort to bring the Renegade Program to life – albeit it not seeming so on the front end. Months of planning, research, and rework. It entailed gathering a plethora of knowledge, creating complete texts, and ensuring that every piece of content was geared to inspire people to take action and achieve their goals.

The curriculum to me had to be more than simply theory; it had to be a step-by-step guide to real-world transformation. It meant creating a platform that was easy to use and packed with resources that anyone could utilize right away.

The Launch

And now, as I stand on the verge of the Renegade Program’s premiere, I can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment and excitement. This program symbolizes not only a personal accomplishment, but also a significant commitment to your development. It is the conclusion of a vision to help people like you embrace your potential, rewrite your story, and start on a journey of purpose and plenty.

I believe that it is more than just a membership service; it is an opportunity to change your life. The Renegade Program is meant to meet you where you are and guide you toward where you want to be, whether you are a seasoned professional looking for a mindset shift, an ambitious entrepreneur looking for financial insight, or someone looking for personal improvement.

That being said, stay tuned as we go into the areas of thought mastery, financial freedom, personal growth, and the astounding success stories of other individuals. The Renegade Program has arrived, and I can’t wait to go on this life-changing adventure with you.