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It just hit me this week. As we stand on the precipice of the last quarter of the year with 2.5 months to go, it’s an opportune moment to reflect on our goals, aspirations, and the progress we’ve made in 2023. Where has the time gone, and what goals can I still accomplish before the year is over? That is what has been shooting through my head this week. In this post, we’ll explore how to maximize the final 2.5 months of 2023. We’ll discuss the mental shifts required to help you achieve your year-end goals and provide helpful advice on how to start your journey. I’ll share a few things on my plate and make sure we hustle through this together.

Reflect On Your Year So Far

A vital first step is to think back on your journey in 2023 as we head into the home stretch of the year. You can learn a lot about your successes, failures, and the road you’ve taken thus far by engaging in this reflective process. Here are some tips for effectively reviewing your year, a few things I do to make sure I am on track:

  1. Celebrate Your Achievements: Start off on a positive note by acknowledging and applauding all of your accomplishments, no matter how big or small. Acknowledging your successes can boost your self-esteem and motivation. Did you land a new job or did you finally start that hobby you’ve been meaning to try? These achievements merit acknowledgment. I think we tend to take things for granted. So you started playing an instrument, or basketball. Well, acknowledge that fact that you did and that you regularly incorporate it into your week. This makes it more tangible and gives you conscious awareness of what you set out to do.
  2. Analyze Your Setbacks: It’s equally crucial to evaluate the difficulties and obstacles you’ve faced during this reflective process. Have you established goals that you didn’t accomplish? I know I have. What were the contributing elements to these setbacks? The first step towards conquering challenges is to recognize them. It’s about being honest with yourself. So you didn’t accomplish a specific task. So what. Don’t just brush it off. Reflect, analyze and set a new strategy to make it happen. I’ll share an example shortly (after these few thoughts).
  3. Learn from Experience: Think back on the things you’ve discovered this year. Maybe you learned new skills, developed a better grasp of your values, or became aware of life areas that need to be improved. Every journey offers a chance for personal development, and these lessons can influence your future travels. So look back and write down a few things that you gained from all the experiences you had this year thus far. It’s so important to write them down and visually show your mind again.
  4. Identify Your Priorities: Review your priorities in life with the advantage of reflecting on the past months. Your aims and goals may have changed since the start of the year. Don’t be hesitant to modify your goals in light of changes in your circumstances or personal aspirations. Just because you set out to do something, if that something no longer fits into your overall plan and upon reflection (like in point 2) you know you do not need to analyze and set a new strategy, then move on and let’s get going on something else.
  5. Embrace Gratitude: Ultimately, the one thing I do everyday (no joke). Say thank you for the opportunities, events, and people who have made this year better for you. A strong emotion like gratitude can enhance your general well-being and support you in keeping a good mindset. No matter what you believe, gratitude at the core of our human nature will unlock the unimaginable.

Therefore, if you set a goal to read 24 books this year but have only finished 12, thinking back on this can help you understand why you fell short of your goal. Did life become busier than anticipated? Did you become unmotivated? For the purpose of creating a strategy to face comparable obstacles in the upcoming months, understanding the causes of the setback is crucial. Additionally, be enthusiastic in your celebrations if you’ve successfully started a new creative project or learned a new skill. Thinking back on these successes helps you feel more self-assured and motivates you to set new, challenging, and inspiring goals.

As I mention above, one thing that I have been focusing on is getting a sponsor for an endeavor (sports project) I have envisioned here locally. Even with the few setbacks I have faced here, I am not giving up. Talking to people and reaching to those who might be able to make that slight difference. I reflect on what I need to get done, where I hit roadblocks, and what I need to do to keep moving forward.

In essence, the reflective process gives you the chance to evaluate your year so far and lay the groundwork for the objectives you want to achieve over the next 2.5 months. It’s an excellent self-awareness activity that will help you decide what to do next on the path to realizing your goals by 2023.

Revisit Your Goals

Now that we have covered that, let’s revisit your goals for 2023. Open the document where you listed your goals for the year or take a look at that list you created (new years resolutions, etc). This is the ideal moment to establish specific goals if you haven’t already done so. Sort your objectives into groups like personal, professional, and health.

  • Personal: Improve time management skills
  • Professional: Get a promotion at work
  • Health: Lose 10 kilos

As you sit here and ponder through them, keeping in mind we have 2.5 months to go, evaluate these objectives and break them down into “SMART” goals, or specified, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Your goals become more attainable and clear using this method. I don’t believe this should be done for everything, however, as I noted in this post, we’ll use this strategy for now.

Mindset Shifts for Success

Your mentality is a potent instrument that has the potential to have a big impact on your capacity to realize your ambitions. Setting objectives is important, but so is pursuing them in the proper mindset. We’ll go into the idea of mindset shifts in more detail in this section and look at how they can help you succeed in the final 2.5 months of 2023.

  1. Positivity: Positivity is like a lighthouse that helps you navigate even the most difficult situations. You’re more likely to remain motivated and focused when you approach your goals with positivity. Focus on the progress you’ve made and the opportunities that lie ahead rather than obsessing on previous setbacks or apparent failures. For instance, if learning a new language was your goal but you found it difficult, have a positive attitude by recognizing the new words you’ve already absorbed. You can overcome challenges with resiliency and persistence if you have a positive outlook.
  2. Resilience: It’s important to adopt a resilient mindset. Embrace failures as chances for progress rather than letting them define your journey. Recognize that overcoming challenges is a necessary aspect of achieving any goal. Resilience enables you to continue going forward despite obstacles like missed deadlines, fitness plateaus, or creative blocks. When things don’t go as planned, instead of giving up, develop a resilient mindset and see failures as stepping stones to your ultimate success. For instance, if your intention was to finish a novel by the end of the year but you’ve run into a wall, take this as a chance to improve your writing or discover new creative directions.
  3. Proactivity: Being proactive means looking for answers rather than wallowing in issues. I find so many people love doing this – focusing on the issues. Challenges might be discouraging, but taking a proactive stance motivates you to take the initiative and find solutions to problems. For instance, if time management has been a barrier to your goals being met, think about implementing time-blocking strategies or clearly defining your priorities. When you’re pressed for time, you can come up with creative strategies to boost output and keep your objectives on track.
  4. Adaptability: One crucial mentality change is the capacity to adjust to shifting circumstances. The objectives you established at the start of the year could no longer be relevant given the dynamic nature of life (we discussed this at the beginning). Setting new goals that better reflect your changing reality is quite fine. Adapting shows your flexibility and tenacity rather than being a sign of failure. Consider looking for local or domestic travel possibilities, for instance, if your original intention to visit several other countries has been hampered by unanticipated events. By making adjustments, you can keep following your love of travel while being aware of the constraints imposed by outside causes.
  5. Self-compassion: Lastly, developing self-compassion is a critical thinking change. Be kind and forgiving to yourself, especially when you encounter obstacles or make mistakes along the path. It’s common to encounter obstacles and times of insecurity. However, self-compassion can support your continued motivation, upbeat mood, and forward motion. Recognize that you’re on a journey of personal development, and that it’s normal to experience moments of vulnerability along the way. Treat yourself with compassion, just as you would a buddy going through a similar situation.

These mindset changes can work in concert with one another to help you achieve your objectives in a more comprehensive way. No matter the difficulties you face, you can successfully complete the final 2.5 months of 2023 if you have the appropriate attitude. As you set out on the path to achieving your year-end goals, these modifications in your thought patterns will serve as the cornerstones of your success. It’s Friday, October 13th, and you have a wonderful opportunity to realize your objectives and aspirations in the final 2.5 months of 2023. You can make these months matter by thinking back on your journey thus far, revisiting your goals, adopting a growth mindset, and frequently evaluating your progress. Take advantage of the possibility to close out the year well and become the best version of yourself.

Make it happen.