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I use to firmly believe the saying; “When you love your job, you’ll never work again.”

That age-old advice, “Find something you love and turn it into your work,” has been repeated countless times to us, frequently by well-meaning family members or teachers. It’s a phrase we’ve been taught since we were children: our careers should be a natural extension of our interests.

However, as I engage in talks about passion and work with individuals today, I realize that I am not as firm in my opinion as I was perhaps 15 or 20 years ago. It’s not that I disagree with that specific proverb; rather the contrary, in fact. I suppose you could say I’m living the dream.

After navigating the corporate world, I now find myself working with wonderful people on a regular basis. What’s the best part? I have a level of flexibility in my schedule that allows me to live a life that feels remarkably privileged in comparison. I have not forgotten, nor will I ever, that my journey has been blessed (and it took a while to get there). I’ve found a niche that combines my career and personal interests. However, I’ve realized that the pursuit of passion in our work may be a complex and complicated concept. For some, the path to passion-driven work is clear and straightforward, leading to a profession that reflects their hobbies or interests. However, for others, such as myself, it may take a different form. It could entail finding fulfillment and purpose in one’s career, regardless of whether it completely matches with one’s own passions. It could mean finding joy in the journey, the people you work with, and the positive effect you can have in your field.

So, while the idea of combining passion and work remains strong, my perspective has shifted. I’ve learned that passion may appear in a variety of ways, and the quest of fulfillment in our jobs does not always take a linear road. What genuinely counts is that we find contentment, meaning, and, yes, a sense of privilege in our work, regardless of how closely it resembles our hobbies. It’s about living an authentic, influential, and ultimately fulfilling life.


When I look on my path to this point, it’s clear that everything I’ve mentioned above has been fuelled by an unfettered passion for the world of business. It’s a fire that burns brightly within me, moving me ahead to create extraordinary chances, reveling in the face of adversity, and sparking the flame to launch new initiatives.

My interest in business serves as a compass for me. It’s what catapulted me from entry-level roles to the dynamic area of mid-management, all while creating my own businesses. The pure joy of working with exceptional people, the thrill of evaluating processes and operations, and the unquenchable need to discover new and better ways to do things – these are the aspects of business that genuinely fuel my passion.

I’ve frequently been told that I’m a “jack-of-all-trades,” and I proudly wear that title. I enjoy my diverse interests and consider myself a lifelong student, always fascinated about the world and its many complexities. This voracious curiosity has led me to gain extensive knowledge and experience in a few topics that speak to the very heart of my existence.

My dear wife can witness to the fact that I do see the world through a different pair of glasses. While this distinct viewpoint has its advantages, it has also taken me down meandering routes packed with unexpected hurdles. Some of my interests have led nowhere, while others have ended in failure.

My fundamental motivation for embarking on the entrepreneurial road was to give life to my passion for creating and the physical joy of getting my hands dirty. My business idea was intended to be a side activity, a small endeavor to supplement my income. However, as luck would have it, my enthusiasm for business gave life to this initiative, and it quickly grew from a side project to a full-fledged enterprise.

In retrospect, this transformation is a monument to the power of enthusiasm. It’s a force capable of transforming the mundane into the remarkable, of transforming a tiny spark of an idea into a flaming success. It is, however, a force that can sometimes take us down unknown pathways riddled with problems and setbacks.

Despite all of the ups and downs, failures and accomplishments, my enthusiasm for business remains steadfast. It’s a driving force that keeps pushing me forward, inspiring me to seek new possibilities, face new problems, and begin on new endeavors. It’s a hobby that has improved my life and for which I am grateful every day.

When I look back and take my corporate job as an example – I’ve worked for several companies in a variety of roles. Some roles I have enjoyed more than others, however the passion and excitement to create and expand boundaries and accomplish something always inspired me. Was I always passionate, at all times in those roles? No. Did I work hard and make sure I deliver? Yes.

I take my roles as seriously as if they were within my own company and every decision I make affects my bottom dollar. I easily pushed 16 hour days (and have even worked nearly 48 hours straight) fairly often, not because I was always passionate about MS Excel, and you may call it naive, you may call it stupidity, however, to me it was the passion of challenge to get me to a personal end state of where I wanted to go. And generally speaking I love working when it is combined with progress, learning, and become a better individual.

The End Result

However in working hard, I have also had to sacrifice many other aspects of my life. I am more than thankful for where I am today. The decisions and experiences both my wife and I have made,  give us what we have and where we are in life. There are many things that I am passionate about, but I consciously need to make a decision on where to draw the line. Nonetheless, I still need to feed the beast called passion. Does that make sense?

Success demands more success. While I am passionate about many things – creating my vision within the corporate world, building my business, succeeding at sports and so forth, at some point you no longer are passionate, because that “job” becomes more of a job, than a passion or hobby would have over the years. I wouldn’t say that is a bad thing, but you do need to realize that even the most fanatic cupcake baker will at some point learn that making cupcakes is more of a chore than a passion day in and day out.

So to me the secret to solving this is fairly simple – mix your ambition and drive with your obvious passions for certain things and you will accomplish more.

Let’s be honest: maintaining unshakeable passion around the clock, whether in a corporate job or while attempting to establish your own business, is no easy task. There will certainly be days when you feel like you’ve struck a Faustian bargain, grappling with seemingly insurmountable obstacles. There will be days when you feel as if you are gently tending a gorgeous Bonsai tree, developing something absolutely wonderful.

But one thing is certain: your trip will be distinguished by an increased volume of effort, driven by the intensity of your desire. But here’s the intriguing twist: when you’re motivated by genuine passion, the extra effort doesn’t weigh you down; it pumps you up. Every day becomes a celebration, full with genuine smiles and a sense of purpose that transcends the banal.

The beauty, you see, is in finding that delicate balance, that sweet spot where your ambition, unrelenting drive, and interests coexist perfectly. It’s the place where the grind transforms into an amazing adventure, and where obstacles become stepping stones toward your ambitions.

So, while you navigate the corporate world or pursue entrepreneurship, keep in mind that passion isn’t a continual, unyielding flame. It is a moving force that ebbs and flows. But when you achieve the correct balance, when you combine your unwavering desire with your passions, you will have discovered the secret formula for a meaningful and purpose-driven existence. Some days may feel like dangerous confrontations with unknown powers, while others may feel like the peaceful craftsmanship of creating a masterpiece. Regardless, your journey will be defined by the delight of pursuing your objectives and the satisfaction of knowing that your efforts are motivated by a genuine and lasting enthusiasm.

Make it happen!