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Within this article, I present a collection of 7 fundamental keywords that encapsulate my philosophy on life. These words hold immense significance to me, and I believe that their complete essence should be imparted to the coming generations. These terms, accompanied by their intricate meanings, are what I aspire to ingrain in my children. My ultimate goal is to ensure that they grasp the profound depth of these words’ context and wholeheartedly adopt them into their lives. I envision them not merely comprehending these words, but actively integrating them into their daily existence, thereby evolving and progressing towards personal growth.

It’s important to note that the brief definitions provided below do not encompass the entirety of my understanding regarding these words. They are merely momentary glimpses of concepts I shared a long time ago through social media.


To me, the concept of focus transcends the casual usage often attributed to it. It’s a term that’s frequently tossed around, yet its true essence often eludes many. While many associate focus with completing tasks while avoiding distractions, I find it to be much more profound. For me, it embodies the essence of mental resilience and fortitude. It’s the art of steering one’s mind towards the precise objectives at the opportune moments, while effectively shielding it from unwelcome intrusions that seek to divert our attention.

This facet of focus delves into the intricate realms of the mind. It’s not solely about ticking items off a to-do list or accomplishing tasks. Rather, it’s an exercise in honing mental strength, a skill that enables us to consistently prioritize the right endeavors while sidelining those that might encroach upon our mental space.

Amidst the intensity of a high-stakes business meeting, the disappointment of being passed over for a promotion, or the exhaustion stemming from a sleepless night nursing a sick child, true focus persists. It’s an unwavering dedication and an unyielding commitment to staying aligned with our chosen trajectory, even in the face of challenges. It’s like navigating through a marathon, where the finish line remains the singular objective, regardless of the hurdles encountered along the way.

Meditation (Mindfulness)

When the terms “meditation” and “mindfulness” are mentioned, many people conjure images of carefree individuals entering a state of detachment, akin to what’s often stereotypically associated with “hippies.”

However, this perception couldn’t be farther from the truth. Meditation is a truly remarkable practice, the positive impact of which I’ve personally experienced across my journey in recent years. It wasn’t an effortless transformation – I, too, grappled with the skepticism that it might be inauthentic. In the beginning, my attempts were anything but graceful; it required time (a lot of time) and dedication to evolve.

I must confess, while I haven’t achieved the level of consistency I aim for, I’ve integrated meditation into my life more often than not. It’s a necessity, a tool that aids me in achieving focus, fostering creativity, and discovering inner tranquility. Through meditation, I’ve learned to inhabit the present moment, embracing it with gratitude and unlocking a profound sense of connection to existence.

I extend a challenge to you – take a moment to sit, center yourself, and engage in meditation, for in doing so, you’ll find that it has the potential to:

  • Illuminate the path to a heightened state of happiness
  • Serve as a powerful ally in managing feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression
  • Transcend religious boundaries, as meditation is not confined to any particular belief system
  • Bestow nearly immediate benefits on your well-being
  • Facilitate more restful sleep
  • Enhance your memory and cognitive capabilities

Elevate the quality of your life, infusing it with joy and meaning through the practice of mindfulness via meditation. Take the plunge and share your journey with me – I’m eager to hear about the transformative effects it brings to your life.

Self Esteem

Within the realm of psychology, the concept of self-esteem encompasses an individual’s holistic perception of their intrinsic self-worth and personal significance. In essence, it encapsulates your self-assessment, encompassing both your view of yourself and your capabilities. It’s important to differentiate it from arrogance, as the two hold distinct connotations. Self-esteem revolves around your self-value and plays a pivotal motivational role, propelling you towards the exploration and realization of your utmost potential. Embracing unwavering self-belief is paramount, a constant pillar that fortifies your journey. As you navigate life’s path, it empowers you to seize control on your terms, crafting a life that resonates with your authentic essence. Building up that self-esteem is your responsibility, something our children grasp, in most situations. But like with most things, it is a process.


The term “confidence” originates from the Latin word “fidere,” which translates to “to trust.” Therefore, possessing self-confidence equates to having trust in oneself – a concept that’s quite straightforward at its core.

Nevertheless, as we navigate the complexities of the 21st century, marked by an abundance of social media profiles and escalating pressures within professional spheres, I’ve observed the proliferation of insecurity. In this era, insecurity has regrettably evolved into something perceived as a shameful affliction – a vulnerability and a flaw in one’s character that obstructs the realization of our authentic selves. I know that sounds so formal. But read that again. To counteract this trend, it’s imperative that we cultivate a heightened sense of confidence in our own abilities and competencies.

Crucially, this journey toward self-assuredness doesn’t hinge upon seeking external validation. Whether it’s the approval of a superior at work, the accumulation of likes on social media platforms, or the number of views on viral videos, these external markers need not dictate our self-worth. True confidence transcends such fleeting endorsements.

Allow me to reiterate, this isn’t a call to embrace arrogance or dismiss the input and perspectives of others. Instead, it’s about harmonizing your innate identity with the guidance and wisdom that external voices offer. It’s about understanding that while these influences aid in shaping your growth, the core of your confidence must be anchored within your genuine self. Recognize that you are a unique entity, with distinctive qualities that the world eagerly awaits. Embrace the notion that the world, in all its diversity, yearns for individuals who embody authenticity and self-assuredness.

Discovery (Curiosity)

The beauty of discovery is a multi-faceted gem. It’s about unearthing new truths, whether through the acquisition of knowledge or the awakening to previously uncharted horizons. It’s the magic that unfurls when you delve into books or lend your ear to stories that unveil worlds unknown. It’s also the adventure that unfolds when you wander to distant lands, immersing yourself in foreign cultures and embracing fresh experiences. But above all, the essence lies in nurturing an open mind and an insatiable curiosity.

Remember the days when you were a child untouched by the molds and conventions that often shape us as adults. Back then, you embodied curiosity. You didn’t give a second thought to others’ judgments; you pursued your interests unapologetically. Driven by an intrinsic thirst for learning, you embraced discovery with open arms.

It’s time to rekindle that spirit. That child within you holds the key to the heart of discovery. Let go of inhibitions and let curiosity guide you. Embrace the uncharted territories of knowledge, the thrill of new experiences, and the refreshing perspectives that come with them. Just as you once did, seek out the unknown with eagerness and an unquenchable desire to uncover the gems of understanding and awareness. So, be that curious kid once more – the world is waiting to be discovered anew.


At its core, this principle revolves around extending your presence in a manner that is devoid of judgment. It encompasses the act of sharing your accumulated wisdom and life experiences. It’s about not only offering encouragement but also daring those in your sphere to tap into their unexplored potential. In a world often rife with competitive dynamics, both within the realm of business and in our personal interactions, the prevalent urge is to outshine others. However, there lies an alternative path: rather than engaging in a confrontational stance, embrace the role of a mentor in all scenarios.

Think of it as cultivating a legacy – not one built on superiority but on the foundation of shared knowledge and growth. When you extend a hand as a teacher, you’re setting forth a legacy of inspiration and empowerment. Your willingness to guide, uplift, and motivate can fundamentally alter the course of individuals’ lives, instilling within them the tools to unleash their potential.

Amidst the trials and triumphs, view yourself not as an adversary but as a guiding light. In your interactions, choose the mantle of a teacher, allowing the empathy of your approach to transcend the dogged pursuit of superiority. By fostering an atmosphere of collaboration, understanding, and encouragement, you’re crafting a legacy that resonates far beyond the present moment. It’s a legacy that kindles sparks of growth in others, leaving an indelible mark on their journeys.


In the midst of our perpetually connected world, the true essence of respect often becomes obscured. It’s easy to get lost in the noise, yet it’s essential to reevaluate this concept through the lens of courtesy, empathy, genuineness, reliability, and sagacity. These qualities hold sway not only in professional settings but also within our personal spheres. They transcend linguistic, cultural, ethnic, religious, and national boundaries. Although it might sound like an idealistic notion, envision a reality where each one of us consciously embraces a heightened level of respect, striving to comprehend and honor the uniqueness of others. Such a shift in perspective could profoundly elevate society as a whole.

For me, this isn’t a lofty illusion; it’s a profound commitment. It’s a commitment to examining and refining my own set of beliefs, allowing them to inform my everyday interactions. It’s about manifesting the respect that I believe every individual inherently deserves, irrespective of their background. Every word uttered, every action taken, all that I offer to others – they are all testament to the regard I hold for them. Like links in a chain, if each of us strengthens our connection to this principle, we collectively forge a stronger, more harmonious society.

While the world might remain ever-on and frenetic, taking a step back to revisit the essence of respect can serve as an anchoring force. This is a reminder that beneath the superficial divisions that often divide us, there exists a universal thread of shared humanity, deserving of genuine respect and understanding.