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It was about 10 years ago that I received a wallet for my birthday from very good friends. And on a side note – oddly, I don’t like receiving gifts as much as I love giving them – something I have been told I need to learn. However, I truly appreciate when people take the time and effort to make simple gestures, like friends popping by with a birthday cake two years ago. Anyhow, I began using it (the wallet) immediately and have used in every single day since then. Now after nearly a decade of intense use and seeing multiple countries and continents, my wife convinced me that it was time to retire it.

I have been eyeing a wallet, or at least a type of wallet for a while now (and she knew the style), and as we traveled to Vienna in April she saw the one I wanted at the airport, and noted I should get it. However, I didn’t want it, but seeing it multiple times during our journey, upon our return, she said let’s go get it – so I did. I’m not a large impulse buyer. I’ll typically sleep a while on something to see if it is something I really need, however, the “things” (and toys) I do get last a while. So now, I retired the wallet I received a decade ago and have decided to opt for the Secrid Wallet. Let me divulge a little bit as to why exactly this.

As our world becomes increasingly digital, I find that it is crucial to take precautions to safeguard our personal information, particularly our financial information. Protecting your money is more important than ever with the rise of contactless payments and the use of RFID technology in credit and debit cards. This is where Secrid wallets come in. In this post, I will discuss why Secrid wallets are the best solution for your money and RFID protection.

Now before I do dispense my thoughts on this, I want you to know that albeit being a tech maven and a fan of digitization, I am not that keen on the use of plastic cards. I encourage people to use cash as much as possible. Still certain elements are inevitable and it’s best to be “ahead” of the curve (as a consumer) as much as possible, hence the selection of the Secrid wallet.

What is a Secrid Wallet?

A Secrid wallet is a compact, minimalist wallet that is designed to protect your money and personal information. It is a 2009 startup from the Netherlands that has since grown to become one of the most well-known brands in the wallet market. What I like about the brand is that it is family owned, innovative and sources good materials for their product. Your credit and debit cards are shielded from tampering and theft using aluminum in the Secrid wallet’s patented Cardprotector. The Secrid wallet is additionally made to be slim so that it can easily fit in your pocket or purse.

Why Choose a Secrid Wallet?

I typically don’t write reviews anywhere (on anything) unless I have a decent amount of experience, exposure or usage of that given service or product, however I feel that with the Secrid, after roughly a month of good usuage I feel that it is a great product especially knowing that the Secrid wallet’s RFID protection is one of the main reasons I selected it, along with it’s design and therefore why I would recommend it. It’s a given that numerous credit and debit cards use RFID technology, which enables contactless transactions. But this technology also makes it simpler for criminals to remotely steal your information. With the Secrid, your information is protected from unauthorized access by the aluminum used by the Cardprotector in order to block these RFID signals.

Another reason I choose the Secrid wallet is its potential durability. After reading and researching on it for a while, reading reviews and what not, I found that the Secrid wallet is made with high-quality materials, including leather and aluminum. This means that it is built to last, and I tend to be confident that the wallet will protect both the money and my personal information for years to come. Will it last a decade like my previous wallet. Time will tell, however, so far so good.

Secrid Wallet Features

The Secrid wallet has a number of other features that make it a great option for anyone looking for a minimalist wallet, in addition to RFID protection and durability. One of these features is the card system for easy access. You can quickly and easily access your cards using the Cardprotector in the Secrid wallet, eliminating the need to search through your wallet for the right card. Even my kids were fascinated by this simple feature the first days of my wallet laying around.

Additionally, the Secrid wallet is modular, allowing you to alter it to suit your requirements. Depending on your preferences, you can add more card protectors, a money clip, or other accessories. I found this interesting and find that because of this, the Secrid wallet is a flexible choice that may fit your lifestyle. (Yes, my wife is pondering getting one as well)

Secrid Wallet Types

There are numerous varieties of Secrid wallets, including the Miniwallet, Slimwallet, and Cardprotector. The most popular choice is the Miniwallet, which has a capacity of up to six cards as well as money and receipts. The Cardprotector is a minimalist option that can hold up to six cards, while the Slimwallet is a slightly smaller choice that can hold up to 12 cards.

There is quite a variety in selection and therefore I believe that there is a Secrid wallet for everyone. If you think you want to give this style of wallet a try, then go ahead and choose one that best suits your needs and style as they come in a variety of colors and materials. What I like is that the preference is up to you – whether you prefer classic leather or modern aluminum, there is a Secrid wallet for you.


The wallet does not have a coin pouch, something that may bother some people. My old wallet did not have a coin pouch and I am the type of person that just throws coins into my pocket or places it strategically into a specific zipper in my backpack when on the road – in case I need a coin for a locker, or to buy a parking ticket. This may be a deal breaker for you, but I encourage you to give the “loose change” method a try. When I get home I’ll place any loose change into our “piggy bank” only keeping a few select coins out on our tray in case we need them.

The bills section takes a day or two, and a bit of usage to get used to, however after the initial learning curve, you get the hang of it fairly quickly. I now find it easy to place and grab bills quickly.

In Closing

In conclusion, I find that Secrid wallets are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a minimalist wallet. I’m glad I (through my wife) opted for this and look forward to using it for a very long time. Again, it offers both RFID protection and durability for your cards – including great protection for your ID, drivers license, insurance cards or anything else you may carry with you. I find that their patented Cardprotector and modular design make the Secrid versatile, adaptable, and durable. Talking with my wife and looking at the variety of styles, it’s also unisex, and simply depends on your preferences.

Overall it’s (I find) a great investment, considering it’s production price, for anyone who values quality and convenience. With a variety of options including the aforementioned Miniwallet, Slimwallet, or Cardprotector, no doubt, you can be confident that your Secrid wallet will protect your money and personal information for years to come. Now, before I completely close this post, I get that probably many of you simply use your Google Wallet, or Apple Pay, or the countless other methods of payment out there and perhaps don’t even carry your wallet anymore. And yes, technically speaking NFC payments are typically secure – and from a data perspective (technically speaking) there are only nuances between the information that is shared, however, despite the convenience digital payments offer – I am not a fan of a full cashless society. I know that is a different discussion, and therefore, call me old fashioned, but I will continue to use a variety of payment methods including digital, card, and cash. I encourage you to do the same.

That being said, this post is just a plain review, not sponsored or anything else. I’ll also update you in five or ten years how the wallet has been holding up.