Support for Daily Mental Health

Farewell negative thoughts.

You can retrain your brain to combat  negativity  with just one text per day.

All for less than two cups of coffee/month.

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Mentoring in your pocket.


The next step in the transformation of digital mental health support.

Exercises, diary prompts, psychological facts, and more, sent to your mobile at random moments throughout the day.
This is not a therapy session. It’s not online counseling. It’s the ideal way to take the next step toward a stronger brain.

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Mentoring in your pocket.

So it's simply text messages?

That’s the equivalent of stating your brain is “simply” pink material.

30 days and you will already begin to report an improved mental and emotional state of health.

Peer-to-Peer Support

Engaging texts from real people with real emotions, just like you.




Psychology of Happiness

Professionals examined the exercises, recommendations, and prompts.



Journaling Digitally

Blow off steam. Bitch and moan. Open yourself and express yourself freely.

Timing at Random

Interruptions to negative thinking processes that are unpredictably timed.


Distinctive Messaging

Nobody ever receives that very same message at precisely the same time.

Full Privacy

Your personal information is 100% private. Completely anonymous and confidential.


Why Do We Care?

The mind is incredibly powerful. It can make us humans fall into deep depression, but can also help us accomplish the most amazing feats. Mental health in our day and age is of vital importance, especially with the tremendous amount of negative stimuli we face, each and every day, anywhere, and nearly all the time.
We want people to disconnect from social media, and still be stimulated positively on a daily basis. That's what PULSE was created for.

We've been there.

Begin training your mind today.

We’ll assist you in developing a conscious discipline of mental well being by interrupting negative thinking patterns with positive stimulation on a regular basis.

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PULSE makes no claim to be a replacement for clinical or emergency services of any kind.