Learn To Invest

I believe that the school system is broken when it comes to teaching finances and the basics of our financial system. Hence, the majority of individuals (children and adults alike) are not taught how to go about with their money, how to utilize it, and how to multiply it.

I want individuals from all walks of life to understand the basics, hence, to kick that off, I created this course to help you understand the basics of investing in the stock market. You can now access this course with over 40+ bit-sized lessons, giving you a fundamental understanding of stocks, the stock market, a few key points including terminology, and I hope that this will give you the basis to begin your journey towards becoming a successful investor, or at least to understand how this small piece of the financial system works.

I want to help you be financially free, whatever that may mean for you as an individual and your life, and I personally believe (no matter how boring) that understanding finances is a significant part of that.

So start investing!