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A while back I had someone come to me and say something along the lines of “I cant do what I need to do because of something.”

Unfortunately I do not recall what that something was. I should have written it down (not relevant for this specific post), but I do remember thinking to myself how disappointing of an attitude to not realize the opportunities that lay ahead of you. Stop complaining and grab them. Yes, that may involve hard work.

This thought gave a spark to me thinking of all the opportunities I have had and continue to have.

People (everyone of us in general) love complaining and only seeing the faults in everything. It doesn’t take much to see the faults and put a band-aide over them, so as to fix them. It does however, take a damn bit of work to get where you want to go. I have often noticed how people within my environment take things for granted (in the corporate environment) and love finger pointing at everyone else besides themselves, when it comes to others achieving.

I find this attitude and way of thought extremely poor. I am a very competitive person at all things, however, one of the most joyous things for me is when I can in any matter help others advance by any means (job, life, etc), regardless of whether the credit of me assisting them is recognized or not. Frankly, I don’t give a s*#! of what people think of me. I do, period!

Achieving is something that should not come at all costs, it is something that comes through commitment at something. Building something from nothing, that to me is pure achievement and this comes only through hard work (I’m not going into networking and so forth for a specific reason). I have had my share of others selling me for naive (and I don’t mind playing along). I do think that I’m quite smart (a good mix of book and street smarts), so as arrogant as that may sound, it doesn’t mean that I don’t seek inspiration and my slice of commitment to work hard in achieving.

My motto is let people think what they want to think, if you can learn to give a s*#! about it then your already one step ahead of all the finger pointers,  complainers and all those who blame you for them not having success.

Everyone has their own opportunities that need to be created, and they need to commit too. No one else takes that away. You may not get that promotion you thought you deserved, you may have lost that last soccer game you should have won, and you may not have made that A on that exam you studied so hard for, but its how you commit to each of these successes and failures that will make you move forward!

My family (children and wife) is my source of inspiration. I love being versatile and doing many things, however in life I could have achieved much more at one thing instead of greatness at many things (something my dad always tells me). Either way, I love what I do and I get that commitment to do so much through (of course there are other sources as well) my mom who goes way beyond inspiration, my dad who has achieved so much with so little, and my siblings – people who I don’t say it as much as I should, inspires me by their dedication to wanting it so bad.

Especially, my brother next in line. See my brother was born with a club foot, had a speech impairment until the age of 6/7ish, he got hit by a 40 ton truck a few years back that dragged him nearly 100 meters under the wheel, and so life sometimes seemed to go against him. However, also to the way we were raised, he always stayed on top of his game. When he is/was passionate about something then you can believe that there is nothing that was going to stop him. Either way, I cant count the number of certificates, trophies and medals the kid has won in basketball, track and field, soccer and so forth. Hence formerly, when I think of the going getting tough, I thought about Chris and I think about how I too need to stay committed to my overall opportunity.

So stop complaining, stay committed and work hard. Utilize your head to think positively rather then trash talking about someone else. Its not about opportunities, its creating opportunities!